Identity & Branding

Client: Raštika Digital, Zagreb

Raštika Digital - is a media agency specializing in digital marketing. In an industry that is over saturated by the use of technical jargon, buzzwords and trends - Raštika Digital seeks to stand out with its straight forward attitude and an unique, approachable character. Its brand values greatly differ from the often gray and technical ecosphere of media marketing - with an attitude that is more personal, friendly and non-pretentious.
Our task was to develop an adequate identity that would incorporate both the field of work and character of Raštika Digital. Aditional attention was given to the treatment of the diacritic mark (Š) found in the company name as its presence posed a problem for non native speakers. The solution we found was to incorporate the diacritic inside a signature symbol thus resolving the languge barrier and turning the problem into an opportunity.
Rastika Digital Logo Rastika Digital Signature Rastika Digital Brand Character Rastika Digital Type Rastika Digital Gradients and Backgrounds
Trumbiceva 14,
10000 Zagreb , Croatia

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